Youth Office


The youth office started in April 2012 with the appointment of new youth coordinators both full-time and part-time to devote efforts into the development of youth programmes and initiatives in OLPS.

The team had worked on setting up an office space, building up the community of youths currently in the youth ministry, and will look further into new developments such as:

  • Set up of youth office (physical space)
  • Set up of youth ministry session timings, weekly programme
  • Development of growth programmes, prayer & teaching inputs
  • Personal and spiritual development of youth ministry members and leaders
  • Set up of cell groups, service teams
  • Recruitment of new youth members and leaders
  • Leadership formation and development
  • Organisation of youth events, annual camps
  • Youth missions, outreach, evangelisation

Ultimately the mission of this new team is to serve the youths of the parish in order that youths may be able to find a place where they can grow in a Godly community, and become strong in their faith.

Who are our Youth Coordinators?

Tamara Emir
Known affectionately as "Tammy", Tamara has been in OLPS ever since her own youth, going through catechism classes, and exploring many different ministries within the church from youth, to choir and to cantor ministry. She still sings for Mass as a cantor regularly and now has joined the youth ministry officially to bring about new plans and ideas. She comes with a fresh outlook at youth and aspires to help the current youth ministry realign its goals and vision and bring about a vibrant change to our youth scene in OLPS!

Gabriel Lee
Known affectionately as Gab, youths are at first 'terrified' of him because Gabriel has been known for his strict rules enforcements during numerous camps he has overseen during his years as a Catechist at OLPS. However despite the stern outlook that you may see on the exterior, those who know Gabriel better will find that he is actually quite the opposite. He loves to tell jokes and engage in stories that keep youths enthralled. He is dedicated and loyal to the mission and he also has a dream of uniting all youths to enjoy fellowship together in a Godly community.

For more information, visit Youth Ministry page. Don’t hesitate to write to us at [email protected] for more information.

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