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Faith Sycas Youth Ministry


Today salvation has come to this house… Luke 19:9

Who (or what on earth) is the Faith Sycas you might ask. First and foremost let’s clear the air – Sycas is pronounced “seekers”. So now you get the picture! Not really? We’ll tell you more.

At the beginning of 2012, the new OLPS Youth Office was created with a view to giving the youth of OLPS a really solid foundation upon which to build a legacy for the youth, by the youth. Two new youth coordinators were employed by the church, a brand new space was created for the youth comprising The Sycamore (the actual youth office), The Nest (our soon-to-be youth café!) and The Treehouse (our worship/chill space), and all the pre-existing mini ministries came together to form one big family. Now things were getting exciting!

After much journeying, pondering, praying and deliberation, the ministry decided on the name Faith Sycas. In everything we do, we seek to live out and spread these six values:

1.    Love
2.    Responsibility
3.    Respect
4.    Integrity
5.    Humility
6.    Empathy

These six values can be found in none other than the story of Zacchaeus – that little tax collector who sought to catch a glimpse of Jesus, and having encountered Jesus in a personal way had a conversion experience, repented and made good.

OUR Mission

To be a loving community that lives by the values of love, integrity, humility, respect, responsibility & empathy, in order to nurture and grow Youth of the Parish into committed Christian disciples

Now you know what we are, come find out who we are! This community welcomes all youth up to 25 years of age, and works to grow together to become true disciples of Christ in an encouraging and loving way. We encourage all youth to take ownership of the ministry and to decide for themselves which direction and projects the ministry should be taking on so that it truly is a youth ministry for the youth, by the youth.

Currently, our dynamic teams include:
·    Welfare and Hospitality Team
·    Service Team
·    Café Team
·    Worship Band & Choir
·    Outreach Team
·    Creative & Publicity Team

Our teams are constantly evolving and new teams are born as the needs arise, so if you have any ideas we’re always willing to listen and to help lay out the path for you to become the greatest ‘you’ you can possibly be.

Don’t hesitate to write to us at [email protected] for more information.

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