World Community for Christian Meditation

The mission of the World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) is to teach and support the practice of Christian Meditation as taught by Fr John Main OSB. This is a simple and practical way of contemplative prayer that takes us beyond thoughts, words, and images , and opens us to the transforming presence of the indwelling spirit of Christ.

In Singapore, 30 groups meet weekly in parishes, homes, hospitals and prisons to meditate as fellow pilgrims on the inner journey of prayer.

The Meditation Group of OLPS church meets every Wednesday 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm in St John & St Luke Room, Level 2.


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Recent Event

Monday 15 August 2016 -- Receiving visitors from the World Community for Christian Meditation group in HK - WCCM HK, visiting our very own christian meditators in Singapore for the first time.

Opening hymn before the group Meditation. Total of 55 meditators.

Sharings with our HK visitors.

Briefings on our church history.

BELOW: From left to right: Fr. Tom Murphy (WCCM HK Spiritual Director), Dominic & Bernadette (Meditators from St Bernadette Church Spore), Lina Li(WCCM HK National Coordinator), Fr Paul Cheong(former WCCM Malaysia Spiritual Director) & Albert Cheah (WCCM OLPS Group Coordinator)