St Pius X Choir

The Choir of St. Pius X serves the Sunday, 8.45 am Mass. We currently have around 35 members.

The choir was formed after the Church was blessed on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary – 7 Oct 1961. The then Assistant parish Priest, Fr. Rene Nicolas was assigned the care of the choir. We just celebrated our 50th Anniversary in 2011.

The choir of St. Pius X has faithfully served the worshipping community of OLPS.

In doing God’s work the choir also sang at the Church of St. Peter, Melaka periodically starting in 1990. In 2010 the choir sang at the church when it celebrated its 300th anniversary.

Day of practice

Friday, 8.30 pm to 10.00 pm

Recent Event

The St Pius X choir celebrated our 55th anniversary on 21 August 2016, the feast day of St Pius X, who was Pope from August 1903 to 1914. Choir Master Russell Shepherdson says that besides regular practices on Friday evenings and mass on Sunday mornings, the choir also organises various activities -- We are currently planning a trip to a nearby country sometime next year!