Saint Cecilia's Choir

The Saint Cecilia's Choir (SCC), named after the Patron Saint of Musicians and Church Music, began its journey more than two decades ago. With just 18 individuals who banded together to raise their voices and use their talents to praise and worship God in mass, the choir has now grown into a family whose love of singing and serving God and His people continue to bind them together.

Over the years, the choir has taken on 4 core values: Faith, Family, Fellowship and Fun.

As a ministry, the choir strives to help create an environment during mass that would help not only deepen the faith of churchgoers, but that of the members themselves. As a by product of that, we have not only grown closer to God, but to each other as well - the closeness of that of a family, a community.

That being said, we welcome people of all age groups, young or old, regardless of talent to come and serve.

All that is really required is a willing heart and an open mind willing to sing praises to the Lord.

We provide a safe environment for children to grow in the faith and a place for people from all walks of life to come and serve together, ministering to His people.

In fostering such bonds, fellowship is a must. The choir can be seen conquering tables at nearby eateries after practices, and most of our regular down time revolves around gastronomy. Sharing a meal is our way of sharing the love, getting to know one another better and allowing our abdomens to grow in prosperity. Games are also organised and run during impromptu sessions to further inject fun. At times, short getaways are also planned to overcome the monotony that life can bring.

All in all, no matter the age, no matter the talents, and no matter the background, there is always something the Saint Cecilia's Choir can give you. The question is how willing are you to share your gifts with the choir, with the people and with God.

SCC Vision

To Serve God, To Glorify His Word, and To Touch Peoples’ Hearts.

SCC Mission

A choir committed to enriching the lives of the congregation by being instruments of worship, raising our voices in praise to God to make a difference in their experience.

SCC Values

Faith, Family, Fellowship, Fun

SCC Objectives

1. To grow closer to God in Song.
2. Continuously seeking to grow musically in various genres and styles.
3. To grow the SCC community within OLPS.

Saint Cecilia's Choir sings for Saturday 4:45pm Mass.

Frequency of Practices

Our practice is on every Saturday at 3.30 pm in Music Room on level 2.