OLPS Cantate Domino Choir

We sing every Sunday for the 6pm Holy Mass. Practices start at 4pm on Sundays prior to Holy Mass.

This choir is truly diverse. We are an interesting melting pot of cradle Catholics, converts and non Catholics, singles and families up to 3 generations, Singaporeans and a large group of Filipinos, Indonesians, Indians, Malaysians, and more!

OLPS' youngest choir is like one big family. A choir is more than just a ministry. We strive to be a community for people journeying in love, in faith and spirituality. Through our singing and music, we endeavour to bring our fellow worshippers into a deeper experience of God's grace in the sacrament of Holy Eucharist. By our weekly sharings and fellowship, we hope to be a Christ centred family and helping one another in this journey of faith.

Besides Sunday 6pm Mass, we also help out for weddings, funerals and baptisms. Other adhoc events include confirmation, carolling, retreats, concerts and more!

If you are interested in how we sing, here are some youtube links of our choir! Watch Now >>>







Celebrating our 3rd Anniversary as a choir

Our recent visit to the cathedral for a wedding 

Christmas Carolling 2017

If you are interested in serving God and the congregation through the choir, please do not hesitate to give Cassandra or May a call or drop them a message to arrange for a simple voice test.