Mess’Aje - the Thresholds of Faith

Mess’Aje – The Thresholds of Faith 2015-2016 @ OLPS
Mess'Aje is a catechesis for adults, based on the Bible and an artistic audio-visual that recalls the experiences of those who wrote the Bible, and invites us to connect them with our own experiences so as to allow our faith to deepen.  In this series, we will cover the First Threshold (out of four).

3, 17 & 31 March, 7, 14, 21 & 28 April, 5, 12, 19 & 26 May and 2 June 2015 (Tuesdays)
Venue: OLPS, Verbist Hall, Level 4
Time: 8 - 10pm
Contribution: $40 to be paid on first session (3 March 2015) between 7.30 - 8pm.
Animators: Fr Bruno, Mr Gabriel Chong

Important Notes: 
- The First Threshold is a foundational one and it is important that you don’t miss the first few sessions if you want to start on this journey of faith! 
- Please bring along your Bible and writing materials.

About Mess'Aje

Mess’Aje - the Thresholds of Faith” is a Bible adult formation/catechesis programme that looks at what could have been the experience of those who wrote the Bible. There are 4 Main Thresholds or significant stages in the Salvation History:

1) Exodus: the encounter with a God interested in us.
2) Exile: the experience of the silence of God and the discovery of Judaism.
3) The discovery of the person of Jesus as a Jew totally turned towards his Father and others.
4) The Church today after the Resurrection: the Plenitude of Christ!

What previous participants say:

  • "I am truly enjoying every bit of it! I think it is foundational and so good to help me deepen my faith.”
  • “The journey for me has been an eye opening and beneficial. In the past, I used to think Bible study is very dry and boring. But these are more than what I expected: it clears my doubts of some of the passage written in the bible, especially the book of Genesis.”
  • The 5 approaches (Prayer, Arts, Bible-History, Theology-Morality-Spirituality, Faith Sharing) are all very good. I am surprised that this has been around almost 40 years, and nobody has tried to introduce this.”
  • "It helps me to see God always with a thankful heart. To understand that prayer is not a mere ritual but to respond to God with love. Empowered to share God’s love in the community and reach out to people.”
  • "Now we can understand the Old Testament, how it was written, and how it is linked to our life. It helps understand the Mass also.”
  • “The classes were not mere lessons that stayed at the 'head' level, but I find that it reaches the 'heart' level as well. What I will always remember is that God was in our history and God continues to journey with me. This has helped me to accept others who currently do not share the same values and faith as me.” 

IF Mess'Aje is not a Bible study. Then what IS IT?

It is an adult catechesis journey, which means we learn how our lives can echo the Word of God

Fr Jacques Bernard, the founder, often says that Mess'Aje presents a general framework or structure for the Christian life, while other study groups (Bible, theology, morality, etc) go deeper into specific or one particular aspect.

Each Mess’Aje session uses 5 approaches

  1. Arts (recalling their history)

  2. Bible (Exegesis of the texts)

  3. Theology (their & our image of God)

  4. Faith Sharing (to journey together) &

  5. Prayer (to journey with God)

Mess’Aje was started in 1970 by a team of French theologians and artists, with the aim of spreading the Gospel Message, of helping us live the Eucharist (“Messe”) as the celebration of the Covenant (“Alliance”) between Jesus and his Church (“Eglise”)

To fully go through the 4 Thresholds, one may need to spend as long as a two-year pilgrimage - Hence this is a journey of faith that walks through the Bible and our lives, giving us that general framework for a full and wholesome Christian-life!

HOW TO Register

Registration is on a first-come-first-served basis as there is limited seating in the hall. The course is open to parishioners beyond OLPS as well. 

Thank you for your interest but the registration for "Mess’Aje – The Thresholds of Faith 2015-2016" is now closed.

NOTE: Although registration is closed but limited pax still acceptable on the account that you are still able to attend the 2nd session on 17th MARCH. If you are interested, please contact Maurice @ 97345395 further. 

Note: In compliance with the Singapore Data Protection Act, by submitting the online form (or sms), you agree and consent to the use of your personal data provided specifically for the needs of this Mess'Aje Journey.

Closing Date: 22 February 2015