Mandarin Speaking Committee 华文组织委员会

The OLPS Mandarin Speaking Committee started in the year 1988. It is responsible for planning and coordinating the spiritual and fellowship activities of our Mandarin-speaking parishioners. We look after the Chinese Choir, Bible Sharing Groups, Legion of Mary and Chinese RCIA.

We aim to be full of love, care and service to others.

Our activities

Choir Group Photo in Kukup trip 2012

St. Francis bible group 1&2 anniversary 2012
圣芳济读经小组1及2 团体照—2012年25+5周年庆典

Baptism –2010 / 2010年—复活节领洗

Canteen services 食堂服务

Visit old folks home 探访李亚妹老人院

How Can You Get Involved?

  • 开会时间:单月第一个星期三(晚上8.15pm)
  • 开会地点:St. Michael Room

For more details, get in touch with us by using contact information below.

(OLPS Mandarin Speaking Group Committee Members 2013—2014)

左起:黄明忠(圣芳济读经小组2 组长),詹尊忠(全国教委代表),戴玉珍(华委主席)陈静芳(堂区华委主编),杨文神父,阮立家(华委副主席),林子显(歌咏团指挥)黄捷坤(华委秘书),林炳祥(慕道团团长)