Indonesian Community

Indonesian Catholic Community in Singapore or Keluarga Katolik Indonesia di Singapura (KKIS) was established in 1985 as a response to the desire of the Indonesian Catholics in Singapore to have a Mass in Indonesian with the late Fr Alfred Chan who was acting as celebrant.

With the ever-increasing numbers of Indonesian Catholics residing in Singapore, the community had expanded its service to the eastern part in Singapore in 2005 and conceived what we know call as KKIS OLPS as they had found Fr Gregoire van Giang, MEP who was able to conduct a Mass in Indonesian.

Currently the KKIS of the OLPS branch conducts Indonesian Mass every first Sunday of the month at 15.30 in the OLPS Church with Rev Fr FX Sambodo, SSCC as the Spiritual Director. 

Members of the KKIS celebrating their 10th Anniversary in OLPS