Family Life Ministry


The Family Life Ministry is made up of a small group of people, eager to journey in the Lord’s direction. It focuses on promoting a deeper understanding of ‘Christ-centred Family Values’ to families in OLPS and beyond.

The ministry promotes daily prayer; continual updating of our faith; putting theory into practice, knowledge into action and living out our faith and the building of our fellowship by coming together to praise and worship.

Members share a meal, experiences, spend time together in simple activities and allow the love and the joy of the Lord to be expressed.


OLPS Family Camp is back this DECEMBER 2017!

The Family Life Ministry is bringing the Family Camp back to OLPS this year. The camp will be held from the 1st to 4th December, 2017. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to have a wonderful, FUN and spiritually enriching family holiday. Stay tuned for more details.

Calendar of events 2017

13 August – 15 October (10 sessions)
Couple Empowerment Program

September 2017
Students Mass

20 October 2017 
Milestone Wedding Anniversary Mass and Celebration 2017

1-4 December 2017
Family Camp


STATIONS OF THE CROSS for Couples - 24 March 2017

This was a unique experience for couples to reflect on the Station of the Cross and relating Jesus’ passion with their own lives as married couples. The event was attended by 98 couples.