Confraternity Of OLPS Rosary Group

The Confraternity of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Rosary Devotion Group promotes the Rosary as part of the family prayer life. Every evening throughout the year, our promoters take turn to lead the Triduum Rosary Prayer in the homes of parishioners in different OLPS neighbourhood on a nightly duty roster.

The group was founded in 1962 there are even members who are still serving since the 60's! Recently in October 2012, the Confraternity celebrated its 50th Anniversary Feast Day with a mass followed by fellowship with the host families and members.

Currently comprising 7 teams of Promoters, one team will be praying each evening of the week. Promoters in each group vary from 4 to 8 members, and the total number of promoters to date is 39-strong.

During the home visits, the Promoters recite the Rosary and also prayers from printed prayer books. The term “promoters” come about as we promote our Mother Mary's Rosary devotion and also pray for Mother Mary's intercessions in developing a prayerful life among all families.

Prayer intentions are also open to all parishioners through forms that are provided during our nightly rosary sessions for parishioners to write out their special intentions or petitions for us to lift up in prayer.

Our Mission:

To promote Rosary Devotion through home visits throughout the whole year.

To pray for Mother Mary's intercessions in developing a prayerful life among all families.

 Our Vision:

To involve more families in OLPS Parish to invite our Lady's Icon to their homes for prayer.

To encourage OLPS Neighbourhood Leaders to play an active role in organising the Rosary Devotion in the neighbourhood.

During special months of May and October, we recite our rosary prayers at our Lady's grotto on every Thursday after the 6pm mass. These prayer sessions are made open to all to join in.

If you are interested to join the ministry, look for our pamphlets placed in church for more information how to join, or how to invite our Lady's Icon to your homes. Interested new members will then be further encouraged to commit themselves to one fixed night per week for the Triduum Rosary prayer.

As a holistic ministry, besides prayer, there are other things we do together. For example, we also run the church's canteen 2 or 3 times a year, and have also participated actively in other church activities such as OLPS’ Parish Mission in July 2012 (intercessory prayers session), the OLPS Fun Fair and so forth. Regular retreats are further held for members.

There are also members of all ages within the Rosary Devotion group. We have two families comprising of both parents and teenage children of age 11 years old (youngest) to 26 years old. As such, we encourage young families to come in to experience and expose their children to the rosary when young.

We strongly believe that "A family that prays together stays together."

We have heard from families who have hosted our Icon of our Mother of OLPS for many years who have had their prayers answered. That's why there are some families who continue to host the Icon every year.

Come, join us to pray without ceasing.