Communications Ministry

The communications ministry serves the OLPS Parish in all communications platforms by disseminating news and in creating contents for the OLPS website (, OLPS TV, Facebook page as well as the Parish Newsletter Good OL Times.

Its mission is to enrich OLPS community through its communication platforms, by sharing the “Good news”, messages that inform, inspire and encourage faith.


  • July-August 2012 - Set up and launched the new website.
  • July-August 2012 - Started the official “” Facebook Page.
  • Sep-Oct 2012 - Recruitment of members.
  • Oct 2012 - Team begins to form and start contributing contents online.
  • December 2012 - Set up a new YouTube account “OLPStv”
  • Year of 2013 - till present, ongoing.

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The communication ministry aims to continue to build up a committed team of contributors to produce contents for its media platforms for our Parish of OLPS. Using print, online, tv, video, we hope to encourage faith and greater participation in church-life by promoting awareness of events happening in OLPS as well as beyond. Serving the parish with professionalism and joy, we aim to use media to its fullest, to enrich the community life in OLPS!

We Share Your Story!

If any parishioner, or any ministries in the parish would like to:
- Share an event
- Share Articles or testimonials
- Get featured on the OLPS web & social platforms
- Request for design or photography support
Our ministry will endeavor to assist. Contact us via email to [email protected]


We hold our monthly meetings on the first Friday of the Month, 8.00pm. (Venues - to be arranged monthly at members' houses or over dinner).

If you are interested to join the Communications Ministry, send an email to us at [email protected].

We are always on the lookout for writers/journalists, content researchers, video editors, PPT creators, banner or poster designers, social media writers, and anyone interested in “new media”!

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