Advent Project 2017 "WISH UPON A STAR"

Fulfill a wish for someone in need today!

"Wish Upon A Star" is back for the 2nd year running! 

In 2016, the inaugural project "Wish Upon A Star" enabled parishioners to reach out to our needy and under privileged neighbours around us with a gift of love.

"Wish Upon A Star" will be back for this year's Advent season once again. From 4th Nov to 17th Dec 2017, our parish will once again be giving gifts to someone who could benefit from this act of giving.

We look forward to your support. May we, during this Advent 2017, gather as an OLPS Community to spread the Love and the spirit of JOY to everyone around us!

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How to participate?

All parishioners are invited to join in both Phase 1 and 2 of the project as follows:

PHASE 1 - COLLECTING "WISHES" (4 Nov to 10 Dec 2017)

STEP 1: If you know anybody who has a wish for a gift, fill up a wish form on their behalf.

STEP 2: Then return the wish form to the organisers at the OLPS foyer (Please return it only during weekend Mass times from 4th Nov to 10 Dec 2017).

All wishes will be collated by the organisers and reviewed. Recipients' identity will be kept anonymous and confidential.

Visit the booth at the OLPS Foyer over the weekends to find out more!

Closing date: 10 December 2017, 1400hrs

Last year's Christmas tree with wishes to be fulfilled!

PHASE 2 - FULFILLING THE WISHES (4 Nov to 17 Dec 2017)

In Phase 2, the collated wishes that have been verified by the organisers will be hung on the Christmas Tree at the OLPS Foyer as "Stars", to be picked up by other parishioners!

ALL parishioners are invited to participate in this joyous act of gift-giving.

STEP 1: Pick up a star from the Christmas Tree at the OLPS Foyer.

STEP 2: Make your pledge to fulfil the wish by making purchases of goods. Wishes will be kept within an affordable cost range.

STEP 3: Once you have made your purchase, deliver the gift to the organisers at the foyer during weekend Mass times. Donor’s identity will be kept anonymous.

Closing date: 17 December 2017, 1400hrs

Join us in this "WISH UPON A STAR" to fulfil the Wish and Hope of someone in need.

We'd never know what this small step could do for their lives - Let's make a difference today!

For enquiries, please contact:

Jack Wong @ 9636 6007
Joel Teo @ 9662 6152
Caleb Loh @ 9664 2493

Watch video "Advent Project 2017"